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blue velvet sequin bow

blue velvet sequin bow

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14inch head wraps

bows are made to stand up, you may have to slightly adjust band, but be cautious as they might come untied.

all bows are hand tied. even though bows are pretty secure, please handle gently.
Hand wash & spot clean only. please do not use in wash machine or dryer.

•we will not replace any damaged or untied bows.•

•safety warning•
our bows and head wraps are not toys.
do not leave children unattended while wearing our bows or head wraps. head wraps can be a choking hazard if left unattended. remove head wraps and bows prior to sleeping and while in a car seat. ALWAYS supervise children who are wearing a headwrap or bow. our shop is NOT responsible for potential accidents or injuries after purchase. the buyer assumes ALL responsibility for its use.

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